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From VIP’s and corporate protection to securing manufacturing plants and providing disaster relief, we deploy our extensive capabilities on your behalf. By performing threat assessments and executing a tactical plan, we counter vulnerabilities and threats to your business, travels, residence, community, organization or event.


Pale Horse GRS Consulting Services truly forms the core of our operations, uniting all of our divisions to ensure every engagement with a client is interactive and tailored to meet your needs. Our comprehensive approach to security can even include assessing and advising the essentials required to Return to Work safely during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Personal Protection Equipment

Pale Horse GRS has partnered with global manufacturers in order to bring PPE to the front lines fighting this COVID-19 pandemic. We only sell to end users like hospitals, law enforcement, state and local governments in order to ensure that any equipment provided is of the highest quality at the lowest cost, often below wholesale.

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Executive Protection

Executive Protection, also known as close protection, has been the primary service we have offered since the inception of Pale Horse GRS. With teams led by and made up of tier one operators with over twenty-years-experience, we can operate overtly or covertly and adapt to meet your unique needs.

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Event Security

From a group of ten to a crowd of 80,000when Pale Horse GRS is on site, we ensure your attendees are welcome to enjoy the event in a secure and safe environment. Even compounded by the COVID-19 regulations, we prepare a plan and practice a variety of contingencies to serve and protect event participants, enabling us to adapt at a moment’s notice to any challenge or circumstance.

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Industrial Security

Pale Horse GRS understands that the nation’s industrial infrastructure is what keeps our country and our economy moving. Our Industrial Security Division assists clients in developing appropriate and functional procedures specific to your facility’s security needs.

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If you require armed protection, drone services, disaster relief, private rescue or simply need to initiate emergency security measures in your industrial plant or corporate offices, then contact Pale Horse GRS today…we got you.

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