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Personal Protection Equipment is vital to the interests of both patient and provider alike. What happens when healthcare providers don’t have all of the equipment they need? They do their job is what happens, PPE or no, because saving the life of the patient is their priority.


A mass casualty situation requiring immediate life-saving action, extractions and evacuations. Arriving first on scene with only the medkit on your back with limited PPE, you ask yourself whether you only treat the victims that you have enough gloves, face shields or gowns for? No, you forge ahead and treat the patients as they come at your own risk, PPE or no. We know this here at Pale Horse Global Risk Services because this is what we have done. With our personnel running the spectrum of first responders from Special Forces Medics to Helicopter Search and Rescue crews to Paramedics on the street, we have all adhered to the call of duty when duty called. 


That said, it shouldn’t be this way. Let Pale Horse GRS assist your team in acquiring the PPE that you need to keep your providers and your patients safe. PHGRS has developed relationships with manufacturers around the world in order to bring in highly needed PPE at the lowest possible cost, often below wholesale. Having once been on the front lines ourselves, we know why this equipment is important and for this reason and more it is important to us to get it into your hands. We only sell to the end-user; hospitals, municipalities, state and federal governments and we will not sell to brokers so that they can turn around and markup the cost to further gouge those in need. We have successfully provided millions of PPE items to multiple customers. Reach out and allow us to put our experience and resources to work for you. 


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