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Protecting our nation’s infrastructure is paramount for mere day-to-day living, not to mention economic stability and security. Industrial complexes in the petroleum world, chemical processing, power production, raw material production, agriculture and the pharmaceutical industries to name a few, are all of vital importance to our nation’s existence; “essential businesses” in today’s terminology. The size and scope of so many of these operations require detailed security planning well beyond the simple placement of a sentry at an access point. Much of the infrastructure referenced here has been in place for many years. While the operations and production processes of these facilities may not have changed a great deal over the years, the security requirements have. 


Securing installations of such an essential nature is not an undertaking to address lightly, Pale Horse GRS can partner with your company to evaluate, develop and update security planning measures for your facility. Conducting vulnerability testing, comparing those results against the appropriate benchmarks for the industry as well as federal guidelines, and then developing enhanced solutions to address any identified needs, is just a small component of the Industrial Security solutions that PHGRS provides.


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