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Executive Protection is also known as Close Protection and is the primary service that we have offered throughout the years. Whether providing protection for government officials on foreign soil, chief executives as they travel the world, top celebrities as they perform at events or on tour, anti-piracy operations in foreign waters or any number of other scenarios, Pale Horse GRS has successfully performed time and time again. We have never lost a client, had a client injured while in our care, nor have we had a client or their family adversely impacted by outside actors. 


At Pale Horse GRS, our EP services include Convoy Operations and Protection, Fixed Base Operations and Air Operations Protection, International Travel Security Evaluations and Protection, Strike Protection Operations and more. We have successfully performed and executed all of these operations numerous times around the world. Our agents are comprised of former and active tier-one operators, most with twenty or more years experience in the industry. It is the experience and maturity of our operators that allow us to function as a high-end protection organization. 


When we work a corporate engagement, we can operate overtly or covertly dependent upon what the customer prefers. With the exception of the team lead, covert operation has a team in place around the principal that is out of sight and out of mind, displaying no show of force and only revealing themselves if action is necessary.


Additionally, Pale Horse GRS Executive Protection services are flexible to the clients that we serve. Where a team of three may be needed by a client at one point in time, the same client may need eight agents on a travel team a month later. The long-term trusted partnerships we create with our clients enables them to reap the benefits of a quality, familiar relationship that can yield benefits and can assist them in addressing their budget concerns. For instance, we were able to save a client 27% on their security needs utilizing an OPEX model vs. a CAPEX model and we can do the same for you. Let us put our experience and expertise to work for you.


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