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Headquartered near Nashville, Tennessee, Pale Horse GRS is able to provide security solutions for large events on a regular basis, but we also provide the same services around the world. Concerts, award shows, conferences, and sporting events are just some of the events that PHGRS has covered worldwide. 


When we go on tour with a client, they have the benefit of having a dedicated team that they get to know and most importantly, a team that gets to know them with this level of confidence the client can safely go about their business, but without the protection team getting in their way.


In recent years, security requirements have increased greatly for such things as sporting events or Fourth of July Celebrations. Now, with the impact of COVID-19, there are new security requirements to consider beyond the enhanced need that was already in place. Pale Horse GRS takes all of these factors into consideration when we develop a custom plan for an event. This wholistic approach to security architecture and management enables Pale Horse GRS to take the security concern off of a client’s plate so that they may focus on a successful event.


Whatever the event or its size, Pale Horse GRS has the experience and ability to manage the security component of your plan. Please allow us to put our experience to work for you.


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