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Pale Horse GRS Position Statement on Coronavirus

08.04.20 10:37 PM By Pale Horse GRS

In an effort to meet our humanitarian goals, we continue to investigate and vet manufacturers in order to ensure that we are bringing the best possible products to our shores in order to get America up and running again. The PPE market is one of the most volatile, fluid markets in the world right now; what the cost on an item was an hour ago may not be the price now. Rest assured that our team is working to bring the best PPE to you so that you can provide the best to your people in need.

The world is once again opening its doors, but cautiously. Pale Horse GRS has put together a comprehensive program for Returning To Work during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Pale Horse GRS understands that your business is not just a means of making money, but it is where you invest the majority of your time, blood, sweat and tears. Business owners have faced gut-wrenching decisions at all levels and will continue to face the same kind of decisions as we move forward. PHGRS will decipher the numbers, the government recommendations, the new laws and all of this information that changes daily so that you can focus on what you do best, running your business. It matters not if you are a small business operator or the CEO of a Fortune 100 corporation, the considerations, the emotions, are the same.


Those of us at PHGRS share the same emotion, the same passion that you have for your business in how we conduct ours. We are passionate about our business, our clients and the security and safety of our loved ones much like so many of you. We will take that passion and put it to work for you in order to help you make the hard decisions while we work together to develop a Return To Work plan that best suits the needs of your unique business. Let Pale Horse GRS put our experience to work for you.

Our federal, state and local governments face many options in today‚Äôs world when it comes to sourcing PPE and other product to fight the battle that we face today. Pale Horse GRS will continue its efforts to make sure that we can meet the needs of the government while, most importantly, meeting the needs of the people. 

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